Introduction to Javascripting

Like Java, this is a programming language designed by Sun Microsystems, along with Netscape, to be integrated into standard HTML pages. Javascript is based on the Java syntax, it is a scripting language however, and therefore cannot be used to create stand-alone programs. It is used mainly to create dynamic, interactive Web pages. For example, Web developers can use Javascript to validate form input, create image rollovers, and to open pop-up windows.

To be successful in this class the student will have basic knowledge of programing i.e.(if/then/else/while/for) but we are assuming they have done 0% of Javascript/jQuery and the instructors are starting from there. Students will benefit from this class if you have basic programming knowledge.

This intensive 5 evening class will run Monday through Friday from 6:00P.M. till 9:00P.M. Each evening will consist of two 50 minute lecture and demonstration periods with a 10 minute break and then a 60 minute lab for the student to work on what has been presented to develop individual programs. It is for one week straight, each night building on the previous classes and lab.

What will be covered includes but is not limited to:

  • Basic Javascript and how to use it with HTML
  • jQuery basic syntax and application with JavaScript
  • jQuery/Javascript field validation
  • Updating your HTML page without page reloads with Javascript/jQuery
  • Element CSS manipulation with Javascript/jQuery

At the end of the week long class you will be able to sit down and write Javascript programs to be used on web sites. This class is the foundation for higher level classes on Javascripting, additional languages and for self learning. Designed for those already doing website development as a junior programmer who wants to add to their skill set and resume, and for employers who want to develop talent for their company.

Cost: $375.00 in advance. Maximum students for this class is eight so that they can have individual work with the instructors. Classes are NON REFUNDABLE. Should something come up, such as illness, jury duty, or other unforeseen situation we will allow the student to attend the next class of the course they paid for. But we only allow ONE time change. If the student fails to make the second class they forfeit the fee.

To sign up you can call 502-593-5830 or email.


DERRICK STAGGERS has eight years of experience developing web based software, serving as webmaster, lead front end developer and senior software developer for numerous successful software development companies. Currently Derrick is active in developing web based software using frameworks like Yii and CMS software such as Drupal and WordPress. He is skilled in using web-development languages such as: HTML5, Javascript, jQueary, VBscript, PHP, ASP, REST services, NuSOAP, XML, CSS MSSQL, SQL and MySQL.

ANDREW MALLONEE started his career in computers doing graphic design with 2-D art & web design and moved to 3D modeling. Beginning in 1998 Andrew took up Web/Graphic Design and followed that with freelance work. In 2005 he took a position with a company who advanced his training to include programming on the Web Development side where he has continued to develop complex data-driven web sites. Currently a Senior Software Engineer leading a five person team he is knowledgable and proficient in: PHP, C#, ASP, .NET, CSS, HTML, Javascript (jQuery), AJAX, SQL, MySQL, & MVC Architecture.

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