Introduction to Android App Development

New Class Beginning August 19, 2013

This class will give students the knowledge to use JAVA and the Android Framework on top of JAVA to build and develop Android Apps. Designed specifically for those new to App Development in the Android environment.

To be successful in this class the student will have basic knowledge of programing i.e.(if/then/else/while/for), have some knowledge of JAVA and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Methodology. Students will benefit from this class if you have basic programming knowledge.

This intensive 5 evening class will run Monday through Friday from 6:00P.M. till 9:00P.M. Each evening will consist of two 50 minute lecture and demonstration periods with a 10 minute break and then a 60 minute lab for the student to work on what has been presented to develop individual programs. It is for one week straight, each night building on the previous classes and lab.

What will be covered includes but is not limited to:

  • Activities Scree
  • Fragments Including Support Fragments
  • Web Server Connectivity
  • UI Design
  • Android OS Gingerbread through Jelly Bean Releases
  • Play Store Deployment

At the end of the week long class you will be able to sit down and write a basic Android App program for an Android Phone. This class is the foundation for higher level classes on App Development & Programming, additional languages and for self learning. Designed for those ready to begin programming for the mobile market, junior programmers who want to add to their skill set and resume, and for employers who want to develop talent for their company.

Cost: $375.00 in advance. Maximum students for this class is eight so that they can have individual work with the instructors. Classes are NON REFUNDABLE. Should something come up, such as illness, jury duty, or other unforeseen situation we will allow the student to attend the next class of the course they paid for. But we only allow ONE time change. If the student fails to make the second class they forfeit the fee.

To sign up you can call 502-593-5830 or email.


Brian Leibreich is currently a full-time Mobile Developer. Brian has been developing mobile applications for 3 years for various companies. He has worked on apps that have been published on both the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store. Brian is Skilled in both Android and iOS development connecting to REST and SOAP web services.

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